Trinity Bass Anglers

Club rules and regulations                             

Trinity Bass Anglers Rules and Tournament Information:
100% Payback.

***Trinity Bass Anglers shall not be held responsible for any damage, injury or accident while participating in any club function or event. 


*Club is a team format but individuals may fish alone if they choose, bag limit is 5 fish PER boat. 

*Tournament Entry Fee $25.00 per person per tournament, $5.00 goes toward big fish.*$20.00 Pays positions. 

*Entry fees are paid after completion and weigh-in of that days tournament for the next tournament. If some situation should arise that you will miss a tournament that you have already paid up for, if you notify us by 7:00pm the Friday night before the tournament, then your entry fee will carry over to the next tournament, if we are not notified by 7:00pm, the entry fee will go towards the payout for that days tournament.

*$30.00 Annual Club Dues per person. (Paid at meeting or before the first tournament fished). $25.00 of club dues go to the end of year points champions. $5.00 goes toward year end big fish.

Payout schedule is at the bottom of page.

***All membership fees and tournament entry fees are non refundable. 

 *Anyone is welcome to come and  fish with us to try us out after the season has started, but only yearly paid members will be eligible for any money paid out for positions and big fish. It will be at your discretion on whether you pay membership dues to join after the season starts.

*All tournament lakes are OFF LIMITS 5 days prior to the scheduled tournament, anyone caught breaking this rule will not be allowed to fish the next 2 tournaments. This rule is waived for the Buggs Island tournament, pre-fishing WILL be allowed for this tournament only.

*All anglers must use the same ramp to put in with the exception of Buggs Island

*All anglers must remain at least 50 ft from other anglers while fishing unless the first angler on the spot gives permission to the second angler.

*8oz Penalty for each dead fish.

*1.0 pound penalty for bringing a short fish to the scales in addition to that fish not being weighed. (can ask for courtesy measurement prior to weigh-in).

*Only artificial lures allowed.

*PFD's are not mandated but they are encouraged.

*All members are expected to follow high standards of Sportsmanship and Safety.
Any member who violates these theses rules or any Federal, State or Local Laws is subject to DISQUALIFICATION.

*In the event of a tie, the boat with the biggest fish wins.

*Boats must be tournament ready with live wells capable of handling at least a 5 fish limit.

*Blast Off will be at Safe light as determined by tournament officials. Be sure to be on the lake before safe light. 

*Live wells will be checked before the start of the tournament BEFORE you launch. If someone should arrive late after blast off, you must find someone in the club to check your live wells before you start fishing. 

*Weigh in Time will be announced before Blast Off and will be approximately 8-9 hours after Blast Off.

*All members MUST BE inside the No Wake Zone by the weigh in time or there will be a one-pound penalty for every minute late (15 minutes late is automatic disqualification). Exception to this rule if you have boat trouble and call in before weigh in.

*Upon joining Trinity Bass Anglers, you agree that we may use your picture or likeness on our web site or as any promotional means deemed necessary by club officials.


Points Schedule Per Place Finished:

 1st = 50,   2nd = 45,   3rd = 40,   4th = 38,   5th = 36,   6th =   34,   7th = 32,     8th = 30,   9th = 28,    10th = 26,   11th = 24,   12th = 22,   13th = 20,   14th = 18, 15th = 16.

Points standings. All teams will have their lowest placed finish dropped for the year end points standing.

***Points standings may change at the end of the year once we drop everyone's lowest  tournament finish.

Tournament Payout:





End of Year Points Championship Payout Schedule:

(In the event of a tie, total weight for the year will determine the winner) 

Paid as percentage of membership dues ($30.00 per member, $5.00 of which goes toward year end big fish, $25.00 toward year end champions. 100% payout)

10 or less anglers...........1st = 100%........Big Fish- TBD by number of paid members.

11 - 20 anglers........1st = 60%........2nd = 40%........Big Fish- TBD by number of paid members.

21 and up anglers......1st = 50%.......2nd = 30%.......3rd = 20%.......Big Fish- TBD by number of paid members.